How To Get A Handle On Postpartum Anxiety

As a mom, you are probably having a hard time sleeping, but that is mainly thanks to your new baby’s sleep schedule. Now while it is normal to have interrupted sleep, what is not normal is suffering from something like insomnia, loss of appetite, or even the ability to think clearly. If you are suffering […]

Is It Possible To Prevent Postpartum Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

As most of us assume childbirth should not be a traumatic experience, instead it should be an amazing experience. Childbirth allows you to bring another life into this world, but does oh so much more. Being a mother of five children myself, I am at a loss of words as to just how amazing the […]

Different Ways Moms Can Cope With Postpartum Depression

In reality, postpartum depression is not as rare as one might think. In fact, over half a million women suffer from postpartum depression each year. One of the biggest problems with postpartum depressions is not everybody thinks it’s real, sometimes not even the moms who are suffering from it, due to it being what many […]

Commonly Asked Questions About Traumatic Birth

We all know that childbirth is not easy, it can actually be very painful and drawn out. However, no matter how hard childbirth is most women view it as a pleasant experience, in addition to a miraculous process. However, not all women feel this way because what they experienced was nothing short of a nightmare. […]