How I Survived Postpartum Depression

When my fourth child was born, I was blindsided by postpartum depression. Intellectually I knew what it was, but I had never had it before so I didn’t KNOW what it was. I had fallen into the trap that so many women do, thinking that it wasn’t something that could ever happen to me. And […]

Different Ways Moms Can Cope With Postpartum Depression

In reality, postpartum depression is not as rare as one might think. In fact, over half a million women suffer from postpartum depression each year. One of the biggest problems with postpartum depressions is not everybody thinks it’s real, sometimes not even the moms who are suffering from it, due to it being what many […]

Postpartum Depression: A Young Mother’s Struggle

As a new mom, you are probably being given information on a variety of topics from how you should be feeling to how your baby should be acting. If you are not than consider yourself lucky, I know when I had my first baby it seemed that everybody had some kind of advice to offer. […]

5 Tips To Successfully Deal With Your Depression During Pregnancy

Here are some tips you can use to help keep your depression under control while pregnant. Tip One: Avoid Stress One of the biggest contributing factors to depression is STRESS. If you are pregnant you want to do everything you can to avoid unnecessary stress, but to be honest this is helpful even if you […]

What You Need To Know About Depression While You’re Pregnant

Recent studies have found that around 33% of pregnant women will suffer from depression. What every pregnant women needs to know and understand is that while these feelings of hopelessness or even extreme sadness might seem horrible there is nothing wrong with feeling that way. The real problem lies in the fact that only around […]