Is It Possible To Prevent Postpartum Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

As most of us assume childbirth should not be a traumatic experience, instead it should be an amazing experience. Childbirth allows you to bring another life into this world, but does oh so much more. Being a mother of five children myself, I am at a loss of words as to just how amazing the […]

Commonly Asked Questions About Mental Health During Pregnancy

Even before you get pregnant you here about how well you have to start taking care of your health. Commercials stress the number 13 because you should see your health care provider by the time you are 13 weeks pregnant, and you should see them for thirteen visits. Everywhere you turn, you are hearing about […]

Tips To Help You Cope With Bed Rest

Not very many pregnant women dream about being put on bed rest, although I am pretty sure there are a few who wish for it not knowing what it really entails. No matter how you look at it, bed rest is usually ordered because of some complication in your pregnancy, which can include preeclampsia and […]

Real Solutions For Coping With Gestational Diabetes

The last thing any pregnant woman wants to hear is that they have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. A gestational diabetes diagnosis can seem frightening, but that is often because you are now faced with the unknown and most of us fear the unknown. However, there is really nothing to fear about gestational diabetes as […]

Pregnancy Trouble: Things to Watch For in Your Second Trimester

No matter if this is your first pregnancy or your fifth pregnancy you are always going to worry about how things are progressing. However, chances are if you have made it into your second trimester with nothing going wrong, everything is going to be fine. However, there are those rare cases when things do go […]

Myths About Miscarriages

Miscarriages are perhaps one of the most heartbreaking complications of pregnancy. In fact, I don’t think I can even think of something more heartbreaking than a miscarriage, except a stillborn, but since they are both a loss of a baby, to me they are almost the same thing. With how heartbreaking a miscarriage is it […]

Is There A Way To Avoid Bed Rest

Bed rest is one of the trickier aspects to pregnancy, as you never know when or if it will happen to you. Most pregnant women who are put on bed rest are carrying multiples, have a history of miscarriages, or are suffering from some type of pregnancy complication, like preeclampsia or placenta previa. While for […]

Importance of Amniotic Fluid

While many moms know what amniotic fluid is and that it is vital to a healthy pregnancy, not everyone understands exactly what it does. Most moms, whether it is a first time pregnancy or not, are aware that the baby lives inside the womb in amniotic fluid. The amniotic sac, which is filled with amniotic […]

Coping With A Miscarriage

No soon to be mom wants to suffer a miscarriage, but sadly, it is something that many women have experienced. One of the worst things about miscarriages is that there isn’t really anything that you can do to prevent them; it is one of those things that simply just happens. However, it is said that […]

Gestational Diabetes: Learning How To Eat Right

Eating right is probably the most important thing you can do if you have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. The thought of eating right doesn’t sound very hard, but for many pregnant women out there it is one of the hardest things they will have to tackle. The reason for this is many pregnant women […]