Best Ways To Lower High Blood Pressure While Pregnant

High blood pressure is not something that anybody wants to deal with, but when you are pregnant, it can be even more devastating to deal with. Pregnant women suffering from high blood pressure need to realize, which most of them do, that it is not just the mom’s health at risk; there is now a […]

Can Certain Foods Lower My Blood Pressure?

If you are pregnant, you probably can’t help but think about preeclampsia, especially if you are considered a high risk for developing this dangerous complication. One of the earliest warning signs of preeclampsia, as well as one of the leading contributing factors to it, is high blood pressure. With that being said you are probably […]

Who Is At Risk Of Developing Preeclampsia?

If you have even so much as thought about becoming pregnant, you are probably familiar with the term preeclampsia. It seems to be the most commonly talked about pregnancy complication that exists, perhaps because it is so common or perhaps because of how frightening the thought of it is. No matter the case, preeclampsia is […]

What You Can Do If You Are Diagnosed With Preeclampsia

While any pregnant women can beat risk for developing preeclampsia, it only affects around 8% of all pregencies. Just like any other condition there are certain factors that increase your risk of developing preeclampsia, such as a history of preeclampsia, carrying multiples, obesity, and a history of high blood pressure. While preeclampsia can be a […]

Commonly Asked Questions About Preeclampsia

Whether this is your first time being pregnant or not chances are you have heard about preeclampsia. It seems out of all of the health conditions associated with pregnancy preeclampsia is the most talked about. Research shows that only 8% of pregnancies result in a preeclampsia diagnosis, but it is still a very real threat […]