Exercise Is Important For Women With Osteoporosis

While exercise is important in everyone’s life, women with osteoporosis really need to make it a priority. If you are already suffering from osteoporosis you are already well aware just how inconvenient it is, it seems that you always have to be careful so that you don’t break any bones due to the bone loss you have already suffered. What you might not be aware of is that there are some exercises available for you to do to help build your bone density, but there are also some exercises that can help you maintain the bone density you currently have.

Before you start incorporating daily exercise into your life, you will want to speak to your health care professional, especially if you have major health problems or if you are at a higher risk of bone fractures. Talking with your doctor will allow you to work with your doctor or even a physical therapist in developing an exercise program that will work best for you. Something else to keep in mind is that you want to start SLOW to ensure that you do not put too much stress on your already fragile bones.

Weight-bearing exercises
These types of exercises are important for women with osteoporosis because they build bones, as well as help keep them strong. With weight-bearing exercises, you have high impact and low impact. Women who have suffered from previous broken bones or those who are at a high risk of breaking a bone will need to avoid high impact exercises, which include hiking, jogging, tennis, dancing, and high impact aerobics. Low-impact exercises will also help keep bones strong and are easier on your already fragile bones. Low-impact exercises include fast paced walking either on a treadmill or outside, low impact aerobics, stair machines, and elliptical. Whether you are doing high or low impact weight-bearing exercises they should be done at least five days a week, but you can do them daily if you wish. These exercises should be done for at least 30 minutes a day, which can be all at once or broken into mini sessions.

Muscle strengthening exercises
These exercises are also referred to as resistance exercises because you move your body against gravity. For example, when you lift weights you are pulling a heavier object up from the ground with your muscles alone. Other strengthening exercises that you can do include elastic exercise bands, Yoga, and Pilates. If you opt for Yoga or Pilates, it is important to talk with your doctor or physical therapists as some of the positions are not safe for women with osteoporosis. Strengthening exercises should only be done two or three days a week to give your muscles time to recover. You can work on each area every day or you can focus on one area per day.

Once you have started exercising you will feel muscle soreness for about two days. If it lasts longer chances are you are doing too much at once and should scale it down some.

Image Source: webmd.com

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