Coping With Obesity While Pregnant

Pregnant lady measuring her weightIf you are obese, which is where you have a BMI of 30 or greater, and are considering getting pregnant you have probably already been told to lose weight before attempting to become pregnant. Doctors recommend losing as much weight as possible before becoming pregnant because being overweight puts both mom and baby at risk for several complications. However, the reality is that hundreds of women become pregnant while they are overweight. In fact, over 60% of women who reside in the United States are considered overweight at the time of their pregnancy.

For many women knowing that they are not alone helps them cope with obesity while pregnant. Women can often find support groups that can help them get through the entire pregnancy. Being able to attend support groups allows women to find the encouragement they need to tackle problems that they are faced with. However, support groups can also provide answers to questions that many women might have. While it is important to talk to your doctor about anything that is going on with your pregnancy a support group can act as a sounding board, but should never take the place of medical advice.

Another thing that can help you cope with being overweight while pregnant is knowing ahead of time how much weight you should be gaining. One of the hardest things about pregnancy is understanding how much weight you need to gain in order for the baby to be healthy. In the past women would use the excuse that they were eating for two so they didn’t have to worry about how much weight they were gaining, but studies have shown that gaining too much weight, even if you are not obese, is not good for mom or baby. Studies show women who are obese should only gain at most twenty pounds during their pregnancy.

Another way that women try to cope with being obese is by losing weight, but this is not necessarily advised if you are pregnant. However, studies have shown that overweight and obese women have lost weight during their pregnancy and both mom and baby were healthy. What is important to realize is that dieting is NOT recommended when pregnant as you are reducing the number of calories you are eating, which deprives both you and baby of the nutrients needed to stay healthy. How many obese women lose weight is by eating healthy and their body uses some of the extra calories that are stored in the fat cells. Others often lose weight due to morning sickness.

Perhaps the most important coping method is knowing how to stay on track with your weight gain. Knowing how much you should be gaining means you can keep track of how much you are gaining so you do not go over the recommended amount. The best way to stay on track so as to not gain too much weight is to eat healthy and get regular exercise. Not to mention doing this also helps reduce the risks of complications. Using a food diary geared for pregnant women is the best way to track what you are eating to ensure you are getting the proper amount of nutrients, but can also help ensure you are drinking enough water.

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