Picture That Went Viral Has Women Questioning Pregnancy And Exercise

p[regnancy and exercise

Pregnancy and exercise go hand and hand.

Recently a picture went viral on the internet that showed a VERY pregnant mom lifting weights. This mom caught a lot of flack because women from all over felt her workout was too vigorous. Her response to the outrage from these women was directed at why women were not more concerned with women who were not active during their pregnancy, especially with the obesity problem our society is faced with today. I happen to agree with her feelings entirely.

To me there is nothing wrong with pregnancy and exercise; I honestly feel that far too many women use their pregnancy as an excuse to sit around and do nothing, as well as eat all of the junk they want. Yes, you might have to cut back on how hard and how often you are exercising, which this woman did, but not exercising is a much bigger problem than what this lady was doing. Something else that I feel needs to be mentioned is she was under her doctor’s care the entire pregnancy and according to what has been reported on the internet her doctor knew the type of exercise she did, Cross Fit, and told her to just listen to her body.

One thing that was touched upon by this picture going viral is that pregnant women should be getting about thirty minutes of exercise each day. In reading the article about this woman and her exercise routine, what I found appalling, which I think her and several other doctors did as well, is, that doctors are not really doing anything to get women exercising while they are pregnant. I know doctors cannot force a pregnant woman to exercise, but I think they should do everything they can to encourage women to get up and moving.

During my five pregnancies, I had 3 different doctors and out of the three of them, only two even talked to me about staying active. The third doctor, which was with my last pregnancy, never even brought it up and when I asked about it, his response was along the lines if it is something you want to do go ahead. So, I know if I have had that experience, thousands of other women have had the same lack of response from their doctors. And honestly, something needs to be done about this “fad.”

Using your pregnancy as an excuse not to exercise and to eat just about anything you want is a sure way to end up with complications. Gaining more than the recommended amount of weight can contribute to a handful of problems during your pregnancy, which put both you and your baby at risk. Some of the more serious complications include preeclampsia, premature labor, and in severe cases of obesity, the baby can be still born.

The sad part about all of this is that most of it can be prevented if more women felt pregnancy and exercise went together.. Now this doesn’t mean you have to go out and do Cross Fit, simply walking around the neighborhood or even your local track is enough to keep you on the right track.

What do you think? Did this woman go too far or is she right in encouraging more women to exercise?

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