Staying Fit Throughout Your Pregnancy

If you have been following Kate Middleton’s pregnancy, you are probably already aware of just how small her baby bump was, even when she was six months along. By the time, most women hit the six-month mark they have a significant baby bump, women who have been pregnant before often start showing a significant baby bump earlier than six months. However, if you followed the news on Kate Middleton, you heard about her out playing her favorite sports and just doing her royal duties.

Now even though you might not be able to diminish your baby bump at six months along that doesn’t mean that you cannot stay fit throughout your entire pregnancy. Staying fit during your pregnancy not only helps keep you feeling good, it also helps tremendously when it comes time to give birth. Here are some useful tips that you can follow to help stay in shape while pregnant.

Tip One: Start Exercising Before You Get Pregnant
If you want to stay fit during your pregnancy you must start exercising BEFORE you get pregnant. The reason behind this is that most doctors are going to tell you that you can continue doing anything that you were doing before you became pregnant, but they will not recommend starting anything new due to the stress it can put on your body. Even if you have been exercising before you will still want to consult with your OB to ensure that is safe for you to continue, as some complications can prevent you from being able to exercise.

Tip Two: Listen To Your Body
The last thing you want to do is push yourself too hard while you are pregnant. When exercising you want to listen to what your body is telling you and not overdo it. If something hurts or even feels a bit uncomfortable, either you can stop doing the exercise or just slow it down a little bit, whatever feels right to you. If you are not feeling good and exercise is making you feel worse, don’t push yourself too hard, there is always tomorrow. When you first begin your routine chances are you are going to feel different, don’t just jump into it, take your time getting started so your baby can find the best position for them.

Tip Three: Use Caution
One thing that many pregnant women discover is that they are suddenly clumsy. For most women the reason for this clumsiness is due to the way the hips widening to accommodate childbirth, but it is also the pressure in the pelvic and hip area as baby grows. If you pay attention to how you walk you will also notice that you are not picking your feet up as high as you used to. Therefore, when exercising you need to go slow and be careful so you do not fall and injury yourself or the baby.

Tip Four: First Trimester Can Be The Roughest
While not all women will feel “yucky” during their first trimester, most women do, or they at least feel a bit off. For most pregnant women the first trimester is the roughest, so getting out and staying active can be a challenge. However, if you want to stay fit during the entire pregnancy you need to do your best to stay active during the beginning, even if that means just a 30-minute walk around the block.  

Tip Five: Eat And Drink
Obviously, when you exercise your body is going to be burning more calories than if you were sitting around, but something you might not think about is your water intake. When pregnant most of your water goes to your baby, so when you exercise it is more important to drink plenty of water to ensure baby is getting all of the water that it needs. While staying hydrated is important, so is eating right. Eating nothing but junk food is not going to give your body or your baby the nutrients needed to stay healthy. Junk food on occasion is fine, but do your best to eat as healthy as possible, including whole grains and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

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