Want Your Old Body Back? Top 5 Tips For Losing The Baby Weight

weight-loss_after-babyObviously once you are pregnant you are going to gain some weight, the question that many women have is how to get rid of the weight once they are no longer pregnant. The good news is if you stay within the recommend weight gain given to you by your doctor shedding those baby pounds is going to be rather simple. However, if you happened to gain more than what your doctor recommended getting your old body back is going to be a bit tougher, but it is still something that needs to be done. Losing the baby weight is very important because not losing it has been linked to weight problems, including obesity, later on in life, sometimes as long as 25 years later.

Here are some tips that you can use to help lose that baby weight and gain your old body back.

Number One: Don’t Go On A Diet
This one probably sounds a bit crazy because everybody thinks that the best way to lose weight is to go on a diet, but this is not what is best for your body right after having a baby. In fact, research suggests that if you go on what is considered a traditional diet it can actually take longer to lose that baby weight. In some cases, it can actually cause women to gain weight due to the stress they are undergoing being a new mom. In fact, health care professionals recommend that you do not eat less than 1,800 calories daily, especially if you plan on breastfeeding. Instead of reducing the number of calories you are consuming through dieting simply start eating healthy and only eat when you are hunger.

Number Two: Breastfeed Your Baby
Now I am not saying that breastfeeding is the only choice nor am I saying it is the right choice; I do understand that it is not possible for all new moms to breastfeed. However, studies have shown that when you only breastfeed your baby you lose weight faster than supplementing with formula. However, you will also find studies that have concluded that there is no difference in how fast you lose weight. Something interesting to note is that when you are solely breastfeeding your baby you are entitled to 300 extra calories a day, more if you have a big eater or twins.

Number Three: Eat Super Foods
Rather than eating whatever your heart desires you want to choose healthier foods known as super foods. These foods are going to be full of the nutrients that you need, but will not be full of fat or calories. Not to mention these foods will help you feel full for longer periods of time. Good examples of super foods are yogurt and fish.

Number Four: Drink Plenty Of Water
Drinking enough water each day is important for a variety of reasons, one of them being it can help you lose that excess weight. Drinking water helps with managing your weight because it helps you fill up, meaning you will not be eating as much food. However, some studies suggest that drinking water increases your metabolism.

Number Five: Keep Moving
Eating healthy is only going to get you so far. In order to keep those pounds coming off you are going to need to start moving. However, you want to make sure you don’t start exercising too early, as that can damage your body. Before you start exercising, even if it just walking 20 minutes a day, you need to get the all clear from your doctor, but once you do get that body moving and watch your body start returning to normal.

One thing to remember is that it took your body nine months to complete all of its changes during your pregnancy, so you are not going to get your old body back overnight!

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