Debunking The Myths Surrounding Sexually Transmitted Diseases

sexually transmitted diseases

Myths about sexually transmitted diseases

As you were growing up you probably heard all sorts of things about sexually transmitted diseases. Many of the things that you heard were probably myths, but are often repeated as a way to scare young women into practicing abstinence. However, as most of us know scare tactics do not work, but education does. Rather than continuing to spread myths about sexually transmitted diseases, it is important to share the truth. Allowing the truth to be heard allows women to make more informed choices about how best to protect themselves from STDs.

Girls cannot get an STD their first time having sex
Not being able to contract an STD the first time you have sex is similar to the myth that you cannot get pregnant if you only have sex once. In terms of contracting an STD there is a 30% chance that you will get one the first time you have unprotected sex, quite a high rate especially when it is almost 100% preventable.

STDs can be transmitted through toilet seats
One of the worst things about this myth is how many people still buy into this theory, adults included. What you need to understand about sexually transmitted diseases is that the organisms themselves cannot live long outside of the human body. These organisms fed off of certain conditions that your body provides, such as moist and warm environments, others are like parasites and attach themselves to the host. Toilet seats do not provide the right type of environment for these organisms so they cannot survive long on its surface.

Only girls who sleep around get STDs
Sadly most people think that the only way to get a sexually transmitted disease is to “sleep around.” In fact, majority of people who find out somebody has a sexually transmitted disease often judge that person without even knowing them. Now there is some basis to this myth because the more sexual partners you have the higher your risk of contracting a STD. However, you can have over 50 sexual partners and never get a STD if you are always using condoms, as well as using them correctly.

Teenage girls cannot get STDs
One of the saddest things about this myth is that teenage girls are at the highest risk of contracting an STD. In fact research suggests that the younger a girl is when she becomes sexually active the higher her risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. To make things even worse is how damaging these STDs can be to these younger girls, especially if they are left untreated. Not only do biological factors put these young girls at a higher risk, but so does lack of education on how to prevent these diseases.

STDs are only transmitted through regular intercourse
This is probably one of the biggest misconceptions in terms of sexually transmitted diseases. Young girls are often under the impression that engaging in oral or anal sex is safer than regular intercourse because there is no risk of infections. The truth is whenever you are exposed to bodily fluids, such as semen or even saliva; there is a risk of spreading infections. Not to mention that the skin inside the mouth and rectum is more prone to breaking open as it is weaker than the outer layer of skin.

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