What You Need To Know When Planning Your Postpartum Diet

Are you a new mom who wants to get her body back to her pre-baby shape? If so dieting is NOT for you. Most diets encourage women to drastically reduce the number of calories they are consuming in a day, as we all know you have to burn more calories than you eat in order […]

Everything You Need To Know About Postpartum Weight Loss

One of the first thing women think about after giving birth, aside from how precious and beautiful their newborn is, is how soon they can lose that all of the baby weight. Society in part is to blame for this, I mean seriously, you see these celebrities who are pregnant, and it seems like a […]

Want Your Old Body Back? Top 5 Tips For Losing The Baby Weight

Obviously once you are pregnant you are going to gain some weight, the question that many women have is how to get rid of the weight once they are no longer pregnant. The good news is if you stay within the recommend weight gain given to you by your doctor shedding those baby pounds is […]

Coping With Obesity While Pregnant

If you are obese, which is where you have a BMI of 30 or greater, and are considering getting pregnant you have probably already been told to lose weight before attempting to become pregnant. Doctors recommend losing as much weight as possible before becoming pregnant because being overweight puts both mom and baby at risk […]

Some Women Find That Making Lifestyle Changes Can Help Them Avoid PMS

If you are one of several women, who are under the impression that PMS is something that has to be dealt with each month the good news is you might be wrong. A theory has been around for quite some time that suggests making certain lifestyle changes can help women avoid the monthly symptoms of […]

New Study Suggests Diet Drinks Linked To Depression

Depression and obesity are not something any woman wants to face. Obesity in general is something that is generally shunned by society, with the blame for this epidemic being placed on sugary drinks, as well as fast food. Therefore, in an effort to combat obesity many women turn to diet drinks, which use artificial sweeteners […]

Study Shows Iron Helps Prevent PMS Symptoms

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, around 85% of all women suffer from at least one PMS symptom during their monthly cycle. Only having to deal with one PMS symptom during your monthly cycle doesn’t sound that bad, but that will actually depend on the symptom you are dealing with. For example, […]

Believing The Myths Associated With Eating Disorders Can Be Deadly

Eating disorders are one of the most under diagnosed problems that women face. One of the biggest problems with eating disorders is how deadly they are, especially for people who buy into the various myths surrounding women and eating disorders. In fact, research shows that around 10% of women who suffer from anorexia also die […]

Holidays and Eating Disorders…Tips To Help You Get Through This Stressful Time

The holidays are often a stressful time for people in general, but for women struggling with an eating disorder they can be a total nightmare. Holidays are not meant to be stressful, in fact, they are supposed to be about giving thanks for everything that you have in your life, but somehow it always seems […]

Can Your Diet Help Shrink Uterine Fibroids?

One thing that many women fail to realize is how important their diet is to their disease. Everyone understands how important a healthy diet is to those suffering from high cholesterol and heart disease because of the scientific data directly linking them together. The problem with uterine fibroids is that there is no scientific data […]