Are There Benefits To Exercising During Pregnancy

Thanks to a viral picture of a pregnant woman lifting weights during the last two weeks of her pregnancy the subject of pregnancy and exercise has been a hot one. Many woman feel that this woman went too far, but this woman thinks she did nothing wrong and that more woman need to start exercising […]

Staying Fit Throughout Your Pregnancy

If you have been following Kate Middleton’s pregnancy, you are probably already aware of just how small her baby bump was, even when she was six months along. By the time, most women hit the six-month mark they have a significant baby bump, women who have been pregnant before often start showing a significant baby […]

Getting Your Body Back After Having A Baby

Now that Kate Middleton has finally given birth to the royal baby her attention will soon be focused on getting back her before pregnancy body. Before becoming pregnant Kate Middleton was very physically active, which is how she kept her trim figure. In fact, during her pregnancy when many women would have been sporting a […]