Exercise Is Important For Women With Osteoporosis

While exercise is important in everyone’s life, women with osteoporosis really need to make it a priority. If you are already suffering from osteoporosis you are already well aware just how inconvenient it is, it seems that you always have to be careful so that you don’t break any bones due to the bone loss […]

Study Shows Moderate Drinking May Help Women With Osteoporosis

As women age they have to come face to face with a lot of changes to their body, such as menopause and osteoporosis. While osteoporosis is the most common bone disease, it is not something that affects all women; information shows that only around 8 million women in the US have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. […]

Fact or Fiction? A Look at the Common Myths of Osteoporosis

Once a woman turns 50, thoughts of osteoporosis often fill their heads. While that in itself is not a problem, the way women deal with it is. Some women will start taking medication that they do not need, while others will not seek any kind of treatment. Knowing the facts about osteoporosis can help all […]