Recent Women’s Health News

January 14, 2014

Study suggests a woman’s sex life can suffer when undergoing IVF treatments

Women who are dealing with infertility already have enough problems. These women are frustrated with the fact that they are having a hard time getting pregnant no matter how hard they have been trying. Some of them even end up dealing with depression on top of the infertility. As if that is not enough a […]

July 23, 2013

New Research Shows Immature Eggs May Be Saved During Chemotherapy

For women facing cancer chemotherapy and radiation treatments are a very real possibility. In most cancer patients’ chemotherapy, radiation, or even a combination of the two are often used to eradicate cancer from the body. However, the level of radiation and chemotherapy used will depend on the type of cancer being treated, as well as […]

July 22, 2013

New Guidelines Finally Reached For Hormone Replacement Therapy

For women who have had hysterectomies or who suffer from other health conditions that interrupts the body’s natural production of hormones Hormone Replacement Therapy is an ideal option. In fact, only 11 years ago many people were referring to HRT as the “elixir of youth.” However, this all began to change when serious and sometimes […]

May 31, 2013

FDA Approves Generic Version Of Ovarian Cancer Drug

In the not so distant past women who were diagnosed with ovarian cancer had no hope, in their eyes it was a death sentence. Even though it is still one of the most deadly forms of cancer, more and more women are successfully battling it thanks to a cancer drug called Doxil. However, even with […]

Study Shows Morbidly Obese Women Are At A Lower Risk For Endometriosis

Everywhere you look know a days you hear about how bad it is to be overweight. Some states are even trying to pass and enforce laws that limit things that are most likely to lead to obesity, such as soft drinks. Health care professionals are constantly urging their obese patients to lose weight in order […]

April 18, 2013

What Method Is More Accurate In Diagnosing Cervical Cancer

For years, women have been told that the best way to detect cervical cancer is to go in for their yearly pap smear. Most women follow this advice as the last thing they want is to find out they have cervical cancer, but at the same time, they know that the sooner it is detected […]

New Study Suggests Diet Drinks Linked To Depression

Depression and obesity are not something any woman wants to face. Obesity in general is something that is generally shunned by society, with the blame for this epidemic being placed on sugary drinks, as well as fast food. Therefore, in an effort to combat obesity many women turn to diet drinks, which use artificial sweeteners […]

Study Shows Iron Helps Prevent PMS Symptoms

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, around 85% of all women suffer from at least one PMS symptom during their monthly cycle. Only having to deal with one PMS symptom during your monthly cycle doesn’t sound that bad, but that will actually depend on the symptom you are dealing with. For example, […]

February 23, 2013

Study Shows Moderate Drinking May Help Women With Osteoporosis

As women age they have to come face to face with a lot of changes to their body, such as menopause and osteoporosis. While osteoporosis is the most common bone disease, it is not something that affects all women; information shows that only around 8 million women in the US have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. […]

February 21, 2013

Older Women Benefit From Mammograms Every Two Years

Breast cancer is not a diagnosis that any woman wants to hear because it is one of those diagnoses that instantly bring the worst case scenarios to mind. With this in mind, it is easy to see why so many women want to do everything possible to ensure they do not hear those dreaded words […]