Prevention of a Yeast Infection

Although it is not possible to entirely prevent the occurrence of vaginal candidiasis episodes, there are some measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of developing candida infection. Establishing a gently hygiene pattern, eliminating the use of harsh or perfumed soap and vaginal deodorants, wearing cotton underwear and avoiding spermicide creams or irritating lubricants will help to maintain a healthy pH balance in the vagina, preserve the lactic bacteria population and reduce the chances of candida overgrowth.

For women suffering from recurrent candidiasis considering probiotic therapy for relapse prevention may be a good idea. Recently, numerous research studies, dedicated to analyzing the role of probiotics in yeast infection treatment and prevention, were conducted. It is still unclear whether the live cultures of lactic bacteria administered with yoghurts or in capsules are beneficial for the treatment or prevention of yeast infection, however, as this method poses a minimal risk of side effects, it may be worth trying.6

Yeast infection of other systems

Vaginal region is not the only body part affected by the candida infection. Candidiasis of mouth and skin is a common condition for newborns and infants. Individuals with deficient immune system may develop systemic (disseminated) candidiasis, characterized by the fungus growth in multiple body systems.